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Deconstructing the bible

Short video. SO MANY JEWELS. How can there even be so many jewels in such a short time span?! Damn, Dr. Phil Valentine!

Some Jewels:

Sometimes people interpolate truth with a lot of uh, a lot of lies
The bible is a book of fiction as applied to history.

african world history

"The way human beings face death is directly related to how they face life. African people, far from being preoccupied with death, embraced life. In fact, African people do not make the arbitrary separation between life and death because in “death” there is life. In ancient Egypt, when one was buried he or she was nb’nh (the Lord of life). Egyptologists continue to wrongly translate this as “sarcophagus” which is a term with a Greek etymology possessing two stems: sarkos, a noun meaning “flesh” and phagein, a verb meaning “to eat.” So for the Greeks, this same process involves the ground eating one’s flesh. This does not even come close to approximating the meaning of nb’nh. For the Greeks, this was a fundamentally material process; for Africans, it was and is fundamentally spiritual. African people do not see death as an interruption of life. Hence, the designation of “afterlife” is somewhat of a misnomer. When a culture views death as eating one’s flesh, it conversely shows that they view life as finite and primarily material and thereby view death as unnatural. Thus you see the pressure placed on the human beings in the West to do everything he/she can on this physical plane of existence in finite time and space because you only have “one life to live.”

Theophile Obenga
“African World History Project”
“The Preliminary Challenge”
Page 42

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history lessons


“The European imagination, based on its materialistic value system, in which greed for the accumulation of wealth and power was the motive force could explain Africa, Africans and their resistance to oppression only in European terms of bestiality and evil. Their narrowness, ignorance, brutality and false arrogance could never make them envisage African resistance within the framework of a specific religious, political, economic, social, cosmic pan-African Brotherhood System. It is around this base that it is organized. The resistance in the Palmares quilombo, as those elsewhere, will never be understood without a preliminary understanding of African civilization, and the high spirituality which controlled every move and mood of the cycle of life. This cycle did not die with physical death but continued in its metaphysical form with the African slaves. That was what they sought in their armed resistance against the oppressors. They were ‘reclaiming their minds.’ In the quilombos of Cuba, called palenques, once free from slavery, blacks rejected the narrowness and elements of western civilization thrust upon them by the slaveholders and returned to their African roots, to the way of life of their ancestors.”

Dr. Edward Scobie
“Global Afrikan Presence”
Page 193


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black in latin america (series)

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revelations of the pyramids

So, I shared one version of this yesterday. AND THEY TOOK IT DOWN. Wow. I shouldn't be surprised, but anywhoo.. Please watch, Learn these secrets and Enjoy :) 

It's some real deep knowledge in this documentary. Also, watch with your Afro-centric mind to extract the truth. Cause you know they are giving it from their perspective (egyptologists). Enjoy!

revelations of the pyramids