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Tiny Homes (& Spaces)

This tiny space is so dope!!!


Thoreauvian simple living: unelectrified, timeless tiny Home

Extreme for some, but then again, many would say the way we live in the modern western world is extreme, no? I believe this way of living brings a peace and joy unknown to modern society. Peep the wisdom at the 5:10 mark: 

"Well, I am not a Ludite (laughs). I am perfectly happy, with the entire world living exactly as it wishes. But, I would live my life, the way I wish. And I would have others know, not others who don't want to live this way, but others like the person I used to be, when I didn't know there were any options, I didn't know there could be another way. I'm not trying to persuade anybody of this life, but I would offer it as an alternative to those who are hungry for it. As I was hungry for something I couldn't identify." -Diana Lorence