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**nature is medicine** mineral water

Water is a fundamental component for all life. The water we know as "tap" here in the states can be classified as gross. Contaminated; laced with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and who knows what else. Scary to say the least.

That's why I am a fan of mineral water. I would stick to imported water in glass bottles, plastic is fine as well. The regulations in this country (u.s.a.) are simply not up to par with other countries, meaning more chemicals and additives are allowed in the United States. Also, regulations for labeling are pretty loose, so I steer clear of bottled water, which in essence is glorified tap water, and go for imported mineral water. 

When I do buy bottled water, I still buy imported. I just don't trust the regulation standards in this country.

Note: You should know where your water is sourced. Where does it come from? A major spring with an abundance of H2O to spare? Or a small village where the water is essentially stolen from the locals, leaving them with no fresh drinking water. Research and know before you buy. 

Yes, they are that diabolical. #smoothcriminals Happy Travels :))