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food is medicine ~ sprouts

What is sprouting? Sprouting is the practice of germinating (growing) seeds to be eaten raw or cooked. Sprouted foods are a convenient way to have fresh vegetable for salads etc, in any season and can be germinated at home. (wikipedia)

Health Benefits of Sprouting:  Nutrition, vitamins, minerals, fiber and the quality of protein are all boosted when sprouting. Sprouts are alkalizing to the body. This means they neutralize harmful acids that sabotage good health. Plus, it is the ultimate locally grown food and even better, inexpensive! 10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts

So get to sprouting! May seem like a lot, but it's simple and affordable. The food on store shelves is CRAP. Do yourself a favor and do something that is uber-good for your mind, body and soul. Happy sprouting!! 

Sprouting Lentils - hood style

How to Grow Sprouts: Sprouting seeds for good health!