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clearing negative energy ~ schumann earth frequency

This audio is deeply relaxing. I've used it during times in my life when I felt lost and needed healing. Sometimes I put it on when I go to sleep. You can listen during yoga or anytime you need to relax and decompress. Enjoy :))

This video is embedded with the Schumann Earth Resonance Frequency and Pure Love Energy.
The Schumann Resonance is named after the German scientist who discovered it in 1952, W.O. Schumann.
The Schumann Resonance is the frequency at which the earth's magnetosphere resonates (7.83 hertz). It is therefore fundamental to the nature of this planet.
Many believe that entraining the brain at 7.83Hz helps to align your energy with the earth's energy. The effect is very refreshing!
Interestingly there are indications that the Earth's Frequency may be progressively shifting due to a variety of reasons that cannot be discussed here.
However, this factor in no way diminishes the effectiveness of this video.
In terms of brainwave EEG frequencies, 7.83Hz is in the high theta range. Theta is the level just above delta which is deep, dreamless sleep.
Use this video with or without headphones to clear spaces of negative energy.

From NetGems vimeo channel

Schumann Earth Frequency : Clear Negative Energy