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brilliant earth: conflict free diamonds & jewelry

Finally! Even though I question whether I even believe in marriage, at least the way it's practiced in the states, I've always said if I did get married I didn't want a diamond. Most westerners would ask why. Because of the way diamonds are mined. Horrific conditions that promote impoverishment even while mining one of the worlds rarest minerals. 

You can imagine my excitement when I came across this company: Brilliant Earth. Founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg, they use only conflict free gems in their custom creations. But wait, it gets better! The precious metals they use, gold, platinum, are all recycled. *swoons*

Now some of us don't give a damn about ethical practices, nor the detrimental effects to the earth caused by the jewelry industry. They just want that sparkle. But if you could have the same quality of jewelry without the devastating aftermath, why wouldn't you? 

I love this company. Kudos Brilliant Earth!! 

Brilliant Earth Website (brilliantearth.com)


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