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Benefits Of Removing Meat From Your Diet

There are several reasons to move to a plant based diet.

Firstly, the animals are not treated with respect in life or death. They live in horrendously cramped, unsanitary conditions and are killed inhumanely. Everything they endure is transferred to you when you eat them. Bad #karma

I believe that when our ancestors ate animals, they respected the animal through the whole process. Also, these animals were wild and free, the way nature intended.  There is a vast difference between eating to live and killing animals on a mass level to satisfy humans greedy desires. Remember, when our ancestors took an animals life, no part was wasted. From the skin, to the bones. Surely, we cannot make that claim today.

The animals we eat today are mass harvested and pumped full of antibiotics and other scary stuff. According to vegetarianchick.blogspot.com:

              "How many animals do we eat? Americans love to eat animals. This year (2011) they will cook around twenty-seven billion pounds of beef, taken from thirty-five million cows. Additionally, they will consume roughly twenty-three billion pounds of pork, or the bodies of more than a hundred and fifteen million pigs, and thirty-eight billion pounds of poultry, some nine billion birds. Most of these animals are raised under conditions that are, barbaric..." :((((



There is always the question from meat eaters, "how do you get protein?" Where do you think the animals, cows, fish, etc get their protein from? Green leafy PLANTS! C'mon folks, common sense is required.

Eating natural foods, plants, seeds/nuts and wild grains, is better for the environment and better for your body and spirit. From a weight loss perspective, there is no comparison to a plant based diet! The pounds will melt away; seemingly effortlessly. 

When you are conscious of what you eat, you become more conscious about everything else. 

Eliminating flesh from my diet is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I cannot imagine ever going back to eating animals. Improve your health, the environment, your spiritual consciousness and the vibration on the planet :) #namaste


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