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I was inspired to make this list after watching 15 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Avoid. This list was derived from that video. Say these affirmations daily to begin to retrain your subconscious mind for wealth.

1. I eat healthy food

2. I love buying things I need

3. I wake up early. I’m a morning person

4. I’m accountable for all of my results

5. I’m an expert money saver

6. I use credit cards and loans to improve my life

7. I’m an expert at managing my financial resources

8. I follow through on every good idea that serves me

9. I’m consistent. I’m constant. I stick with it

10. I’m the maker of my life

11. I do the math. I love running the numbers

12. I’m an expert planner. I plan for success. I’m successful b/c I am an expert planner

13. I’m accountable and responsible for everything that happens to me

14. I’m an expert at time management

15. I’m wealthy. My natural state of being is abundance. I invite it into my life. I’m rich


16. I make wise financial decisions