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you tried it!?? lol two men undergo labor simulation to prove women "exaggerate" pain of childbirth

They tried it!?? (Some) Men these days are crazy! These two men really thought they could prove, that women exaggerate the intensity of pain during childbirth. Passing a human being through your pelvis, cervix and vagina. OK.

Yes, we are built for this, cause we're bosses. Does that diminish the level of anguish a woman feels when having a child? NO. Women aren't complaining about it, the husbands were trying to prove their theory. Fail lol. The video is funny and cute.

When the two women high five, my personal favorite! (2:17) To all the moms, enjoy! 

P.S. The comments on some sites are cause for alarm! Some men just do not respect a womans place, and it shows in the decay of society. Respect it!


Experiments Gone Wrong LOL: Husbands Try, And Fail, to Prove Women Exaggerate Pain Experienced During Childbirth