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why mondays are despised

Well, lets look at the nature of a typical American week.   

First, most adults are dreading going to their 9 to 5; The jobs grown-up hate but maintain to pay the bills and put food on the table. Next, school-age children whining about another pointless week at school. Most kids like school for the social aspect, read: to see their friends. Or they attend to get the most out of the classes they actually do enjoy, mainly electives, like drama, music, art or extracurricular activities like clubs and sports. It's a damn shame that many kids favorite part of the day is lunch!

So why is this? Lets start from the beginning. School is not teaching our youth life skills, or hands on usable skills such as gardening or building with their hands. School, in the usa, is the first stop on the conformist farm. School teaches you how to behave acceptably and follow directions. Primary school also teaches us the lies and propaganda being sold as truth. It teaches us to celebrate them and their heroes.  

School encourages left brain, logical thinking and discourages right brained creative thinking. Unless it is a creative way to further their agenda, keep your ideas to yourself lol.  

So after primary school, our kids are shuttled off to college, where the conformist ideas and doctrine are cemented. After 4 to 12 years of brainwashing, our once promising young minds are now obedient, zombiefied cogs; yes men and women who will help secure and further the terrorist agenda commonly referred to as the American Dream. 

How do we solve this problem? By doing what we love. Now I understand most of us are not in a position to up and quit our jobs and simply do what we love. But, by incorporating what we love into our lives, slowly but surely we begin to find our way. Not their way, our way. Each of us has our own journey, our own destinies which we create. 

Doing what we love puts us on a path of self discovery that leads to our dream life. Just incorporating this thought process gets the ball rolling. So find out what it is you love and do it! It could be before or after work, during lunch or on the weekends. But make the time. Because when we do, we find a whole new world of possibilities. One where limitations do not exist.  

As for the children, find out what they love. What subjects and activities are they most interested in? Nurture their talents, abilities, skills and desires. Encourage them to go after what they want, no matter how impossible their dreams may seem. Allow children to find out what they like and do not like for themselves. Do not try to force them to do what makes you happy. This only adds to the culture of numb yes men and women who cannot think for themselves. And, yes, they will resent you for it.

When children are supported in their endeavors, it builds self respect and self esteem. It also reinforces the trust in themselves and their decision making abilities. All valuable tools for life. The more we trust our youth and allow them to grow into themselves, the more they will develop knowledge of self. Supreme knowledge. Which affords them the opportunity to become the next great generation of leaders. 

Leaders create leaders. And we need more. We have enough followers. To the point of detriment. 

I don't mind Mondays. But then again, I'm doing what I love at this present time. I respect hard work and I respect sacrifice. That doesn't mean we must become cold and detached. Find what you love and just do it!

free yourself

free yourself

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