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why engagement rings are a scam

Hey, this isn't just a satirical video. It's history. One video commenter said

"Nah get her an engagement car instead. Make that the new trend, at least she'll get some use outta it." 

What a great idea! Now that's thinking! And any other gemstone will work just as well :) I have nothing against diamonds. The way they are formed is nothing short of miraculous. Metaphorically speaking, they are brilliant. My problem is with the diamond industry.

Now ladies, don't be upset with me. Who cares about a petty trinket anyway. What we should be expecting is a wonderful man who will love and support you; unconditionally. That's the real gift. 

P.S. I have always said I didn't want a diamond when I get married, b/c they are mined inhumanely by impoverished Africans. Enjoy!

Is It Time To Get Diamonds Out Of Engagements?