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Marvin Sapp Puts Bible Thumpin' Haters Together

I never saw it coming, but I'm not one bit surprised. Apparently, folk in the gospel community (christian community? idek what to call it lol) didn't appreciate the gospel collab, Prayed Up, between Pastor Sapp and R&B singer Kandi.

Kandi is on reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also has an adult radio show, Kandi Koated Nights and an adult toy line, Bedroom Kandi.

It makes me shake my head that this is even an issue. Kandi is a grown woman. She has built an empire from being in a very successful 90's R&B group XScape, whom I personally used to adore. Kandi isn't promoting anything dirty or indecent. Why can't we talk about it? We all have sex and most of us have been in relationships before. Many of us engaging in intercourse BEFORE marriage.

Also, what if married people want to use the products Kandi offers? As long as both marital partners are consenting, nothing wrong with that. Perhaps if more couples used the toys, the divorce rate in America would not be an ALARMING 50%.

Lighten up people. First off, she is doing nothing to deserve the "backlash" she's receiving. And Mr. Sapp is ABSOLUTELY correct. Let he who is w/o sin thrown the first stone. Don't worry, eye'll wait.

Perfect people may judge all day. The rest of us need to work on being OUR best selves and supporting each other, not judging and displaying a lack of tolerance; very non-christ-like ;) if you ask me.

Few things annoy me more than a christian (or anyone) on a high horse. It shows more character and wisdom to be understanding.

Peep The Original Fan Letter (from facebook) And Mr. Sapps Eloquent (see: perfect) Response:

Please read my only responce to the song "Stay Prayed Up"

Mr Sapp, I was a big fan of yours however as a Christian I'm a bit confused about your motivation to record the record prayed up. I intentionally watched you on the HOA and was taken back by your conversation with Kandi at the studio. You continued to tell her not to try to explain herself, and that she didn't have to apologize etc. I'm just wondering is this the watered down version of the word you are teaching in your church? The bible says "my people perish because of a lack of knowledge." It also says "GOD would rather that we be hot or cold." Not trying to come off as judgmental but this is the type of thing that makes the church look no different than the world. So fed up with this new concept of stooping to the worlds standards to reach souls Jesus hung out in places with sinners to reach them but HE never comprised GIS standards nor GOD's word. Kandi is motivated by money just wondering what's your motivation?


Usually I don't respond to people about things like this however I must this time. The problem with many in the church is 1.) that we major in minors and 2.) ignorant (not well studied) of scripture. Lets deal with the first, This woman who was an ex R&B singer that sells sex toys and live with her man decided on a show that reaches 10 million viewers per showing (believers and unbelievers) to sing about,,,, Not sex toys, drugs or living with a man but PRAYER!!!!!! and the saints are upset. The lyric says, "I stay prayed up, that gets me by, that how I made it through my darkest time, see I'm a sinner and thats no lie, but thank God my prayers are heard because he knows I try" Wow!!!!! nothing elicit or comprising about the lyric.... So lets look at how Jesus dealt with the sinner..... From my study of scripture the only people he checked was the church (religious people of that day) however the sinner he consistently showed COMPASSION!!!!!!! Examples...... Woman caught in the ACT of adultery Also the Woman at the well....... Never exposed them publicly, dealt with them privately. We as believer major in minors...... So caught up in the messenger that we are missing the message "Staying Prayed UP". Now I close with this...Everyone that God used in scripture was flawed and or had struggles.... Let me call the roll..... Moses was a murderer, Rahab was a harlet (whore), David was a murder/adulter and still considered a man after Gods own heart, Peter was a cutting cusser however was in the inner circle of Jesus, Paul was a murderer and made many blaspheme against God however wrote 2/3 of the NT, He spoke through a Donkey and if we decide to be quite rocks will cry out... We say we are christians which means being Christ-like but question peoples motives that model his behavior....The bible speaks about witnessing and that you need to be wise to win souls and Paul says I became all things to all men that I might win some.... Compromise was never done here nor do I condone her life style or life choices and keeping 100 you don't know the off camera conversation we had. Again big picture 10 million people at 1 time were challenged to PRAY in difficult times WOW!!!! Thats Awesome and Ministy..... PS Didn't spell check because I'm late to a meeting.... Be Blessed

Now that's how you put someone together! Kudos Mr. Sapp. You are Appreciated

P.S. I love this track. What about y'all?


Kandi Burruss Marvin Sapp Stay Prayed Up New Gospel Single