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that's exactly what's supposed to happen!!

A carjacker got more than he bargained for when he tried to rob this guy. This punk, was expecting to prey on a defenseless, unsuspecting victim.  He was not expecting the man to be armed and ready to defend himself. 

" I feel like, if you a grown muthafucka, and you get killed, and you get killed by a tiger, and you get killed by a tiger in a zoo, and you get killed by a tiger in a zoo in San Francisco, I think God's will has been done for your life.  I think that's exactly what was supposed to happen and I think he wanted me to laugh about it." 

Ha! Katt Williams voice, stand-up and message comes to mind for so many different scenarios throughout life!

Graphic Video: Armed Robbery Goes RIGHT in Venezuala 5.17.13

Katt Williams - Killed By A Tiger