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stop fetishizing mixed children


Okay so I'm going to provide some clarification to few things I've been reading in regards to my fetishization post:

1. There is nothing wrong with mixed race relationships based on love! I love love! Yay love!! But the post was not about love. So stop it and stay on topic. It was about fetishizing a partner of a different race/ethnicity and how that carries over into a fetishization of mixed kids as a product of that already fetishized relationship. Fetishizing a race/ethnicity is racist. Point blank. As I mentioned in a comment on the thread, if someone was to say something along the lines of "I love/prefer Latinas", that is a red flag for fetishization. Which brings me to my next point.

2. What does it mean to be Latinx? We don't all look alike because we are not a race -- and even people of the same race do not all look a like. We do not all come from the same culture so when you say Latinx, which kind are you talking about? We don't all speak, act, think, believe the same things, so how could you possibly prefer one particular group that has as much diversity as the entire world population? You can't. You cannot believe to think you know what an entire group is about without generalizing said group. Ever heard of the word stereotype? Reacquaint yourself with it. I can't say something like "I love black women because they are so strong." -- well what about black women who suffer from mental illness? "I love Latinas because they're so spicey" -- what about the Latina who is really shy and introverted? Is the black girl with depression not black enough? The shy Latina not Latina enough? Or in regards to looks. "I love Latina women because they got curves and are light skinned." What about Latinas with no curves? What about black Latinas? Are they not Latina enough?? It doesn't work!

3. "Wanting mixed kids because you want them to come out cute/lightskinned". How do you not hear how problematic that is? Firstly, take a course on genetics. Mixed kids can come out with a variation of features ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE MIXED WITH BLACK (blackness has the most genetic variation). Second, why do some of y'all stay associating mixed with cute. That's a fundamental problem: that the farther away from black you are, the cuter you become. Ew!

4. People are tripping on my use of the word pedophile. The bottom tweet in the original pic post talks about how creepy it is to fetishize a mix baby because the aesthetic the parties are looking for tends to be what they are sexually attracted to. If you have a fetish for women of a certain aesthetic and intentionally date/make a baby with someone of that aesthetic because you believe genetics will be on your side to create a child of that same aesthetic THATS CREEPY AF. Like you're literally sexualizing your own child. Hence why I said, you want a daughter you would find fuckable. I'm not saying that you would! I'm saying that you focused on creating a child that fits your own sexual preference. How is that not creepy????

So if you think my last point was exaggerating, good! At least it was provocative enough to get y'all talking. Stop putting mixed children on a pedestal, especially when part of their mix is black because you are teaching them that their blackness is only acceptable and praiseworthy when it's mixed with someone else.

5. Lastly, boys and girls are not fetishized the same way in regards to physical appearance. I focused on mixed daughters because one, the original tweet used pictures of mixed girls, and two, because boys are not subjected to the same aesthetic demands as girls are, again, especially when you factor in blackness. Black men (mixed or not) can be considered attractive regardless of their skin color and hair texture. Black women (mixed or not) do not have that luxury. Dark skin with 4c hair, despite all its uniqueness and glory, is not the standard. This ain't a secret within the black community or any POC community for that matter. "The lighter, the better". It's a messed up standard based on internalized racism and it needs to be addressed.

I'm done.

Roslyn Cecilia

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