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so gone goes viral - 13 years after initial success

I've been hearing this #SoGoneChallenge everywhere. And I've heard a lot of dope renditions. Because I'm naturally inquisitive, I was curious as to the origination of this seemingly random challenge. And I found it. Chicago lyricist Chance The Rappers version dropped around August 10th. And since then the covers have been pouring in. Some witty and fiyah, some enlightening and thoughtful, others playful and fun. Even celebs, such as comedian Kevin Hart and NBA superstar, Dwayne Wade got in on the chance to spit #BARS!!! Monica herself did an epic updated flow, and killed it, as she did the first time. Shoutout to Missy in the back. So let us know, did you participate in the challenge? And who were your favorites, famous or not?

So Gone Challenge | Chance The Rapper So Gone Challenge

So Gone - Monica