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"sassiest" shit ever??? all male cheerleading squad smh

I love all people. I love the gays, I love gay people, I love everybody. Sometimes I think to myself "black people get on my nerves." Sometimes I think "spanish people get on my nerves," and sometimes I think "white people get on my nerves." That being said .. This is alot. 

It doesn't necessarily get on my nerves, it's just too much. What team is this? The child in the frame, the way the cheerleaders just sat there waiting for the music; It looked uncomfortable & flamboyant and just wasn't a quality performance. Less about them being gay and more about it being not appealing at all. (Editors Note: Don't nobody wanna see all that.)

Of course, there is the gay agenda in the black community, but that's for another post. Enter at your own risk.


The Sassiest Sh t Meet Alabama's All Male Cheerleading Team!