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**new music** new thangs (parody)

I love Kanye. But would Yeezy love this? I'm sure if we all put our thinking caps on we could guesstimate the probability. Unlikely.

Russell Simmons tweeted "Kanye is this funny or what :-)" with the video. Ha.

Counterfeit 20's, comprised of Dez. E. Gee (Desmond Gooden,) A$AP Chunky  (Tony Breckinridge,) and Tristen J. Winger (Tristen J. Winger,) make parody music. As I'm writing this, the group tweets about their excitement for Russell Simmons' support. Who wouldn't be.

That's what I love about social media, specifically twitter. You get the breaking news, and it's directly from the sources mouth. The truth, the facts; so to speak (from their perspective.)

Congrats gentlemen. 


NEW THANGS [Kanye West "NEW SLAVES" Parody]