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new life for homeless man who did the right thing

Billy Ray Harris was living on the streets of Kansas City when a stranger, Sarah Darling, unknowingly dropped her $4,000 engagement ring into his change cup. 

After having the ring appraised and learning it's value, Harris still decided he would return it to the rightful owner if he ever saw her again. And he did just that. 

In return, Sarah and her husband Bill Krejci started a fund to raise money for Billy Ray. Their goal was a thousand dollars. They have since raised $191,000. 

Billy Ray now has a car, a house and has been reunited with family he hasn't seen in years. This story is a great example of When Keeping It Real Goes Right.  

Kudos to all involved. To donate at giveforward.com click here

New Life For Homeless Man Who Returned Ring

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