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The Dangers Of Investigative Reporting LOL

So a new video is making the rounds today. This time of CBS Atlanta Investigative Reporter Jeff Chirico getting punched in the face after trying to enter an elderly mans business without permission. 

Richard Wilder, a used car saleman, is accused of stealing customers income tax refunds. 

A CBS Atlanta investigation found Wilder moved to Gainesville and opened up shop just weeks after being arrested and charged with seven counts of theft by deception and one count of racketeering, in Jackson County, GA. 

Wilder is no stranger to the justice system, as court records show he was charged with odometer fraud, forgery and a host of other charges in Gwinnett county in 2009 and 10. He pleaded guilty to two felony charged in 2011.

Smh. Janky promoters!! LOL 

CBS News Reporter Punched in the Face On Air - Full Video (youtube)