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j. cole angie martinez interview

Half cracker but a nigga too.
— J. Cole

This interview is amazing; full of authenticity and depth. J. Cole speaks his mind about a range of subjects, from his outlook on capitalism and the system, to his passion for the people. I love Angie Martinez. I admire and respect her. She's a dope media (radio) figure. Her interviewing style is very "normal" and down to earth.

With that said, these are heavy issues they are discussing in this interview. The issues aren't negative or depressing. They're just real, and the fact that we are having these discussions, publicly, from music artists nonetheless, is exciting and refreshing. What would be depressing to me, is if we keep ignoring the glaring issues and keeping the "status quo" in tact.

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I'm glad these conversations are being had, and when you are really about that life, it's on a constant loop, and that's okay. That's awesome, even. You have to eat, breathe and sleep the truth. And live it. Without becoming self - righteous or judgmental or blinded by emotion and rage. All of these are traps and pitfall that unfortunately, too many of our passionate youth fall into.

I'm appreciative that J. Cole is using his platform for truth and to call attention to the fact that yes, this whole system, is broken. When you have a calling like that, it's not hard work to reveal that part of yourself. it's not forced. It comes naturally. It's like the mission chose you. Congrats and kudos to J. Cole and we should all support him and def check out that new album. This interview is the truth. Enjoy.

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