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**hotline bling** drake translate

Hotline Bling. Drake. *Initiate What You Really Sayin Translation:

Ever since I left the city, you've established an identity of your own while I went out and did things to advance my life. Everybody recognizes you are your own person with your own life goals and I'm no longer a part of what makes you special. I'm so stressed because ever since I left you alone in the city, you've started to recognize how mesmerizing your body can be and you get your own bottles while you enjoy bustin some moves on the dance floor. You hangin with some girls that are your friends that I've never seen before because I've been gone away from the city and they want to hang around you because you're you but I don't know them cause I been away so I'm confused.

Ever since I left the city, you and me just don't get along because you're your own person since I wasn't there to see your growth and changes. You make me feel like I did you wrong and even though I was wrong for just leaving you, I just don't like to feel that way, you know? You're going places where I feel you don't belong, but somehow getting exactly what you asked for?? You're running out of pages in your passport which means you're travelling the world without me while hanging with those friends I never met because I left you in the city.

These days, all I do is wonder if you are in a consensual relationship with someone who is still here in the city where I left you. I wonder if you all are partaking in herbs and having intimate life discussions taking turns rolling each other blunts. Doing things with other consenting partners that you and your body enjoy. You don't need nobody else because I left town and you've found out you really don't need nobody else after I left you alone and now you're independent? You used to stay at home and be someone I saw fitting into the patriarchal expectations of women to be infantilized good "girls" which is some bizarre father/daughter husband/wife dynamic left over from women being considered adult children & property. You should just be yourself, meaning the you I remember you as when I left you in this city by yourself even though I'm not here anymore, you should always remain that person. Right now, it seems as if you are someone else, like maybe you are your actual self and I'm not used to that.

You used to call me on my cell phone
Late night when you needed my love.
And now you don't need me and I don't know how to feel.

Drake Translate

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