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Fake Holidays (Feb 14)

In this county, we are stupefied by entertainment and led by anything that feels good. We don't question anything, as long as it is pleasurable. The WRONG way to live.   

Where do these "holidays" come from anyway. Have we ever questioned their origin? I was brought up celebrating Christmas. It was beautiful and as a child, there is no feeling quite like Christmas Eve / morning. However, as an adult, I took it upon myself to research the origins of this day, celebrated all around the world. What I found was disturbing and enlightening all at the same time. 


I always advocate searching for knowledge on your own and using several sources to find the truth. Do not take anyones word for it. Not mine, not the passa, not yo parents! Seek and ye shall find.   

What we are told about these days are almost entirely LIES. 

Thanksgiving - Paraded as a beautiful exchange between the Pilgrims and Indians; Most of us know that it was actually a slaughter of the native people by the europeans.  

Columbus Day - Another HUGE lie. Our children are taught Christopher Columbus sailed here from Europe and "discovered" America. Discover: to gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown) How did he discover something that was already inhabited for thousands of years? We also know the natives kindness, was repaid by being forced into brutal slavery.

In the usa these days are shoved down our throats and are definitely about making money. We are bombarded with ads everywhere we go. Literally! Seems the turkey is not yet carved (thanksgiving) before images of x-mas trees and santa are inescapable. And since we're on the subject, lets educate ourselves on the plight of turkeys for the sake of this "holiday."  

I understand the family aspect and that's great, but if that's the case we can give gifts and show love year round. We don't need a designated day to show thanks. We should remain in a grateful spirit daily. 

Personally, I am all about reconnecting with our past and the way our ancestors lived. They were far more advanced than we are today and they knew the true order of life. To me, these holidays are nothing more than incredibly profitable days for certain industries. Do your research people! Only then can we make the best, informed, decisions.