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**new music** dee-1

This dude Dee-1, I've been meaning to put him up for a while now, but I procrastinate, so I'm doing it now. Judge me lol. 

He is amazing, and extremely talented. Music with a message that's good, and people want to hear it. I'll put his youtube link below. Yall should check out some of his tracks.

He is definitely a visionary, and he is definitely down for the right cause. This is what the kids need to be listening to and absorbing. The game needs Dee-1. He is the truth. 

The song below is the song that put him on the map as far as "mainstream" buzz. Kinda went viral on social media. You probably have seen it before. Get familiar. Dee-1 is the future. 

Jay, 50, and Weezy

Dee-1 Explains Cash Money Deal That Never Happened

Dee-1 Freestyles on Sway in the Morning