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gay gay or play play - you be the judge

So usually I stay away from irrelevant "news." Exception: it highlights an important issue that needs attention. This time it's Royce Reed - who? lol - of Basketball Wives LA "fame" aka Dwight Howards baby momma.

Apparently, Royce instagramed some pics of her young son showcasing his flexibility. Via splits. And the gram went crazy! Basically labeling her son gay for doing splits. 

I mean there's definitely some side-eye worthy behavior running rampant these days, but I just don't believe these pics deserve that label. 

Now I am an advocate for live and let live. However, I do feel there is an agenda to coerce our young brothers and sisters into homosexuality. With that said, I absolutely do not feel that there is anything wrong with this little boy doing splits. This picture isn't enough to conclude this young childs sexuality. 

All types of athletes are flexible and not labeled because of it. Royce extended this statement to the peanut gallery: 


I think she handled the situation with intelligence and class. What do yall think? Gay or get yo life? Comments below!!