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Babies Need Burkas?!?! SMDH ~ Have A Seat!!!

Now, I am not a religious person, however I am very spiritual. I believe in everyones right to live their life the way they see fit. SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT INFRINGE UPON THE NATURAL RIGHTS OF OTHERS.

A saudi cleric Sheik Abdullah Daoud suggests baby girls should wear the burka - FROM BIRTH - to protect them from sexual assault. Whaaaaaaa???!!!!!!!


C'mon now. Are the men animals? (Sorry, that was offensive to animals. Monsters? Devils? Excuse my lack of a better word.) We must cover up these jezebelian (is that a word?) newborn girls so they won't entice the men with their sexuality! (Insert sarcasm font here)

If we're putting burkas on babies to keep them safe from sexual attacks, THE BABIES ARE NOT PROBLEM and the burka damn sure ain't no solution!!!!

If men are gross and can't control themselves, they are the problem and the ones who need adjusting, mentally or physically (CASTRATED) or both. Or taken out. Because the men are unrighteous pervs, the women have to suffer? How much will we oppress our women? It's dangerous and we see how women are (MIS) treated when society is patriarchal as opposed to matriarchal. 

Personally, I think covering up everything but your eyes is extreme and if these dirty dogs can't keep it in their pants they need to all be exiled to one island together. We should all value, exalt and protect women, not demonize them for being exactly how The Most High made them: A Gorgeous Work of Art With a Divine Purpose

We are divine and there is NOTHING divine about hiding who you are.

The clerks comments have caused outrage among fellow saudis who say his "unofficial" stance gives Islam a bad name. Uh, duh.

Let's stop the madness people. It's time to leave crazy town behind and start operating with some logic and common sense.

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