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azealia banks hot 97 interview

This is one of the realest interviews I have ever seen. I been hearing about Azealia Banks since her single 212, one of my best friends put me on cause I have dope friends lol. It was cool, but I didn't jump on it. Fast forward to 2014, past all the controversy and iggy / tip "beef" to the Mike Brown and Eric Garner decisions.

When she spoke out about the injustices against our people and the cultural appropriation perpetrated by iggy and others, and their lack of outcry when our men are being murdered in the street with no justice, that's when I took notice. And Igloo Australia? Gave me life. Still one of the best moments of 2014.

That same day, she also tweeted about being in touch with the ancestors and that's when I started loving her. I realized she was in tune with an higher level of consciousness and I respect that and can absolutely relate. This is one of my favorite interviews ever. Straight truth. Blood raw. You gon learn today!! This interview makes me so happy. Enjoy :-D

Azealia Banks Speaks Truth on Cultural Appropriation and Black (Original) Art & Culture Being Smudged Out

212 - Azealia Banks