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a mothers love is unrivaled

" I remember the day I came back, I had all my luggage with me, and um, I just, I knocked at the door, she opened it, she said hi, she smiled and she, she just asked me what I wanted for dinner. And, ya know she didn't ask me any questions. She just let me come in with everything I had. I guess it's unconditional love.
No questions asked. No whys or nothing. She just accepts me."

Shout-out if you have a moms like this. Not one who asks no questions, one who loves you unconditionally and accepts you for who you are, not who they would like you to be. To the AMMAs everywhere: We #SALUTE you!!

Oh yeah, he pays off her mortgage for his birthday. Get familiar folks. Giving truly is better than receiving. Makes me all warm inside. You go boi!! (gina voice)

Dear Mother, I Want To Celebrate My Life By Celebrating The Woman Who Gave Me Life!!