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outrage: fbi adds assata shakur to most wanted terrorist list

So, the fbi adds Assata Shakur to their most wanted terrorist list. Not surprising. This is a major blow to the liberties and rights of all oppressed people, and especially the most oppresed people, people of moorish descent. 

Below, I've added a video for the film: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners.

 "We need to come together, unite, organize, fight, the fight for justice. The struggle for justice, social justice continues. 
And I'm hoping that people will recognize that this film is not so much about me as an individual. But rather, it is about, all of the poeple all over this country, people of all racial backrounds, people all over the world who came together for freedom." -Angela Davis

Listen to Assata give you the story in her own words, and when you're done, continue to research on your own. 

This is a huge story and we will continue to follow it. Developing..

Free Angela and all Political Prisoners Interviews with Filmmaker Shola Lynch, Activist Angela Davis and Producer Jada Pinkett-Smith (OFFICIAL TRAILER HERE)