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You Can't Threaten A Man Into Acting Right..

You can't threaten a man into act right. He doesn't believe you, he knows you are not going anywhere. He knows he has you right where he wants you. Wrapped around his finger. You won't leave, you looooove him. Not to mention, you've already invested so much time, years, maybe even a decade +, sometimes. HE KNOWS THIS IS HOW YOU THINK. He knows you will never leave, he doesn't have to do better or grow, you have accepted him "as is." Men don't respect (see: aren't moved by) words, pleas, empty threats, or passive aggressive behavior. You may get a reaction out of him, but you won't get the RESULTS you desire.

But men do respect and respond to ACTION. Very well. If he isn't giving you what you want, LEAVE. Not as a gimmick either. That victory will be short lived. LEAVE, fr fr, and focus on YOU. Take all the love you tried to force feed him and POUR IT INTO YOURSELF. Glow up. From the inside out. Repair your mental and emotional. Fortify your physical. Love on yourself, always. And put yourself first.

Never beg a man to love, acknowledge you, or give you what you deserve. It's undignified and beneath you.