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women, do not compete for men - you are the prize

ladies you do not have to shit on other women to get males to like you. you do not have to agree with every nonsensical thing a male says for him to like you. you do not have to brag about how well you cook, how much you hate weave and makeup, how you don't wear hoe clothing, how you never go to the club or how tight and clean your pussy is for males to like you. a male telling you "you aren't like these other women" is actually not a compliment because there is no need for him to elevate you at another woman's expense and if you think that's a compliment you may need to do some self examination and some evaluation because your self-esteem is probably in a gutter somewhere and i highly suggest you go find it.

these same dudes that you bend over backwards to impress will not hesitate to turn on you the minute you say or do something that they either disagree with or doesn't fit the small box of womanhood that they try and fit you and every other woman in. they will shit all over you with no hesitation.

don't worry about what these males claim they want in a woman. half of the time they don't even know what they want. just be the best YOU that you can be. stop trying to be appealing to males because you'll never be appealing or desirable to all males. focus on yourself and let the right male for you come to you.

Via: AO Anderson