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enlightenment is a destructive process

and if this dont apply
let it fly.

some of you have no idea who you truly are.

you've spent the better part of 3 decades
following rules, caring what people think, pleasing your parents, praising white jesus at your mega church, competing with your peers, majoring in something u hate just to have a degree, dating people you don't click with because you gotta be married with a mansion by 30 so you can have a baby... perming your hair and looking conservative af and wearing sensible slacks to your boring desk job, hoping that they'll promote you to team lead if you shuffle your papers quick enough.

you've spent your entire life living by an imaginary timetable and upholding standards set by someone else. moving thru the motions like a fucking robot.

and now, at +/- 30 years old, you've tapped into the consciousness trend.

not because of a natural evolution.
but because you have no idea who or what your really are, and u need a trend to latch onto and feed your ego.

now you're a vegan nazi, burning sage with a raw amethyst in your pocket, you swear u on you track to tap into the 5th dimension through your "poetry" and "art". you "totally get" frank ocean and badu is your spirit animal, because trap music is sooo beneath you. you describe yourself as an introvert because u finally learned to miss a happy hour or 2, and all of a sudden you're an empath because u learned to feel something for once in your mechanical existence. you're completely obsessed with yoga so u spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy mat and matching yoga pants made in Bhutan with fair trade cotton.

fucking quit it.
you cant ascend if you gotta pretend.

enlightenment is a destructive and ugly process. it hurts. its raw and unfiltered.

ask jesus how he felt in that dark cold tomb, alone, deconstructing all his earthly bullshit.

you cant facebook meme/youtube video/self help book your way to nirvana.

get your hands dirty.
lift the veil and discover how the clock really works.

you'd be surprised at who you really are.
you may like it better than this contrived version of yourself.

via Amber Cheriss