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"why did he just disappear?" bronzegoddess01

This video is worth the 8 minutes and 45 seconds. Especially if you are struggling with why a man suddenly disappeared or lost interest. The real jewels start at the 2 minute 15 second mark, if you really just wanna skip to the good stuff. I'm going to link to two other videos by this sister below. And here are some jewels from the video. #WatchnLearn. Enjoy :)

One of the reasons men disappear is they’re not ready for the same thing that you are ready for.
You dont even know if this is the guy thats right for you. You’re just trying to date this guy to see what you have in common, and see if it can blossom into something else.
Men don’t like to be in a new relationship when they haven’t cleaned up a past situation, or when they’re in some kind of transition.
He’s not in the same head space as you.
When you are a woman, and you are dating, you need to carry yourself as if you are an exclusive club. As a woman who is dating, that’s the way you want to carry yourself. As if only the elite are allowed access.
You’re giving too much. All of this off of one date? He takes you on one date, and you’re buying a christmas gift for him, and his kid, and you’re calling him and calling him like you’re his girlfriend? That’s why he disappeared.
Don’t you ever feel that you have to convince somebody of how awesome you are. Whoever it is. You never waste your time trying to convince somebody how amazing you are. They either know that or they dont.
So be the one that got away. There is nothing wrong with being the one who got away.

On knowing your worth:

I will never settle. I will not be somebodys second option, second choice, I will not be somebodys back burner chick, I will not be somebodys booty call.
Knowing your worth is saying I know what I am. I know what I bring to the table. And I am willing to walk away from ANYBODY who does not see that.
You are not truly ready to be in a relationship until you know that you can walk away.
There is somebody who is waiting on you. You are the answered prayer for somebody. So why you wasting time trying to chase this dude, when you are somebodys answered prayer. Go be that - to him.
Don’t just leave your power, at the feet of some man. Take your power back. The choice is always yours.