"The mind is a weapon, learn how to aim that."

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Who am I? I am Elon. I am a divine being. A nature being. A melanated 9 ether creature. I am a mother. I am a woman. I am fire. I am also sensitive. Sometimes easily doused. I am also water. So I guess I am both. I am balanced. I am harmony. I am reaching for harmony. I am a student. A student of the universe. I am my ancestors. I am the people whose lives I touch each day, whether familiar or not. I am the sum total of all my family, friends, genes, and experiences. I am unique. I am one of one. And one of two. I am tall. I am brown. I am sensitive. I am kind. I can be irresponsible. I am always striving to reach my goals. I am strong. I am flexible. I am unbreakable. I am a Phoenix. I am Elon. I am a friend. I am someone who enjoys this class and professor. I love learning. I have a passion for learning. I never want to stop growing. I feel that to stop learning is to stop growing, is to die. I am a forward moving creature. Higher moving. Elevating. I am a nature being. I am a sister. I am a patient. I am working on my patience. I believe it (patience) is a virtue. I believe that with patience and divine timing you can conquer the world, or anything you like. I am scared sometimes. Scared of what lies ahead or what may happen that I cannot see. But my connection to nature is stronger than any fear I may have. This is why I know I am divine and everlasting. I am eternal. Like I said, I am unbreakable. 

I wrote this during a freestyle creative writing session we had in my English Comp class last spring. I kept it because I knew I would share it with you all one day. I loved this class and got so much out of it.  I ended the poem early above, for aesthetics sake, but here is the rest below. 

My arm is now tired and we are still writing. Maybe I need to write more. Actually, I know that I need to write more. I am grateful for this class so that I can get a chance to write more. I am running out of room and now we are wrapping up. Yay. :) ❤