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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

OK Ladies. Some of us are taking this "Independent" thing too far. It's great to be financially stable, emotionally whole and mentally competent. Great and necessary. What's unacceptable is putting our good men down, demeaning them and being straight up disrespectful. 

As long as your man has good character, values and morals, loves you and treats you with respect, reciprocity is necessary. Many times too much mouth and "Independence" is a relationship killer. Sometimes - if we trust our man - we need to trust him to lead us. 


As women we are the gatekeepers of the universe. Our role is vital to the wellbeing of humanity. As women, we wear many different hats. I am NOT a feminist nor do I believe in complete submission to one's male counterpart. I am saying that we, man+woman, are a divine team. We need each other.


Don't play into the hype and find yaself lonely. 

Now if you feel your man isn't these things, LEAVE. Why stick around in an unpleasant situation - that will most likely go from bad to worse - instead of walking away? What does that say about you? That you are insecure, codependent, fearful of being alone (single), emotionally damaged, or one / all of the above.

Lets adopt the truth about how we are supposed to interact with each other, which means looking at OurStory as opposed to history. We have to respect and support our men, begin to dispel the myths about relationships in our communities and repair the damage.