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we can never feel her pain


We can complain about Oppression,Capitalism and Racism 

But we can never feel her pain and what is she going through
Her kingdoms were invaded by Arabs and Europeans
Lot of blood was shed on her face down to her waist
She heard cries and innocent screams day and night
Moarning from dark to dawn
We can never feel her pain!!!

Villages were surrounded in the early mornings 
or just before dinner 
fires were set to homes, buildings were torched
Terrorized people were rounded up
The men, women, and children were separated 
to be raped,shot and finished off
She was there witnessing that brutality
So we can never feel her pain

Black men, women, and children were 
Cargoed in chains and sold all over the mediterranean sea
While the slave masters were waiting on the other side
Her children were taken away from her
Taken to places they never thought they would ever be
They had to adopt to new conditions, unfamiliar weather, 
their master's languages 
But most of all had to loose their culture and their identity
We can never feel her pain!!!!

Her beauty is stripped daily and they are jealous of her 
natural beauty 
She is bleeding and no bandage can stop her bleeding
No remedy can cure her wounds
and no words of sympathy can heal her sorrow
Her grandchildren are denying her because 
of what she goes through at the moment
Her breasts are feeding the bastards while her children
are dying of poverty
We can never feel her pain!!!!

How do you expect her to forgive and forget the following names
Maghribs, Almoravids, Almohads, Mamuluks, Marinids, 
Ottomans, Jan Van Riebeecks, Da Gamas, Rhodes, 
The Columbus, Leopolds, Verwoeds, Bothas etc
Those are the names that brought her shame 
We can never feel her pain!!!

During the holocaust the vultures, hyenas, and wild dogs 
gorged her children flesh 
Their remains were left to cripple, the spirits were not taken
and bodies were unburied
Skulls and bones of her children were left on display 
on the desserts, some are displayed on the museums
We can never feel her pain!!!!

A poem by King Sbu