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update on my last blog post

Update! I got some very good news this week. My childrens father called me - out the blue - and tells me he is going to start sending me money. Also, we are moving. My son is starting school and my career is starting to come together again. 

When I did what could to help the situation, and then let go, miraculous things begin to happen. That is the way of the universe. We do our (best) work and we don't worry about results. When we have done all we could, and worked to the best of our abilities, since we know we cannot control anyone else but ourselves - we should be at peace. 

Even though I moved and my number changed, I followed up with my sons school, and he still has his spot. Instead of being pissed about my job situation, I decided to just put lots of resumes - and a few demos - out there. I did not harass or provoke their Dad during this frustrating time. I just fell back and continued to do what I do. 

My point is sometimes we need to employ patience, and just do our best work in the meantime. And when we remember that we can't control life, but we can certainly control how we react, we step back into our power and natural creative spirit. Our Divine Spirit. 

Like I said, I usually don't share this much about my personal life, but I did this time for two reasons. One was to help myself and just release it. The other was to be a support to others who may be going through a similar situation. I wrote these two pieces to show others, we are not alone and we all go through it. And also, maybe my short story can be a help to someone else who is struggling with their own situation. 

So keep it positive and keep it pushing. Trust the Universe. Listen to the Ancestors. And just accept what is and work from that space. 

Happy Trails! :-))