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They Hooked Up In A Prison Bathroom...Is This Love Or Nah

A ladies man, always be cautious of a ladies man - cause you may be one of his ladies.
A ladies man will never be hungry, and he’ll never be homeless because there will always be ladies willing to give them what they need.
Even if I do think it’s love, I would have to test it. I would have to make sure that he really wants to be with me.. And the best way to do that is to make sure that you’re not giving him anything.
You’re putting a lot of stock, and you’re investing a lot into a man who hasn’t proven himself yet. And then he has the nerve, the audacity to ask for exclusivity?? He’s only doing that because his options are limited. Maybe out of the four girls that he’s seeing, he likes you the most ..It’s easy for a man to love you and only you when he has limited options..
How do you know you’re not being gamed? You don’t know that. That’s why it’s so important to wait somebody out.. The longer that you wait, the longer you’re able to see someones true intentions.
You have to give somebody time to see what they’re really made of .
All you know is what he’s told you. You don’t know anything about this man.
Once a man shows me that he’s a user, I know that he could possibly be using me. When you see a behavior in a man, how he treats another woman, you have to realize, that could possibly be you.
You have to look at his behavior.
The way for you to know that this is love, that this is real, is that he doesn’t need anything from you.
You don’t have to always give him something. I don’t like the idea of feeling like you have to pay for it. You don’t have to bribe a man to be with you.
I should be able to give a man nothing, nothing monetary, nothing sexual, just be with him and that be enough.
How well do you really know him?
Have you ever seen him angry? How does he react when you told him no? Have you ever told him no yet? Maybe everything is going amazing because you’re doing everything he wants you to do.
Maybe everything is going good because you’ve always done what he’s wanted you to do. How does he react when you don’t? That’s what you should be testing. To make sure his words actually match his actions.
Do you know if this man has been tested for all the diseases? What do you really know about him besides he’s charming, and funny? Get to know this man that you’re bringing into your body and bringing him into your home.
Don’t be so interested in having somebody who will love you, and having bae, that you’re not making sure that bae is qualified to date you.
Just because somebody wants you, doesn’t mean they should have you.
— @bronzegoddess01