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**strawberry letter** stringing her along..


Sometimes we’re blind because we want to be. (Maya Angelou)
Exclusivity is a gift.
You’re letting somebody keep you, as a dirty little secret. Any man that would make a mistress out of you, does NOT love you.
He has cheapened you.. And you’re allowing him to do that.
Life is short. It is the most precious commodity that you have, even more than money. Because if I lose money, I can get money back. Rich people, they lose everything and they get the money back. But you can never get time back. Ask Steve Jobs. As rich as he was, at the end of his life, he couldn’t buy more time.
You can’t just blindly follow some man..
He has the family life that he wants, and he has you on the side for excitement. This is all about him; he is SELFISH.
God would never give you somebody elses man honey. He’s not gonna give you somebody elses boyfriend, somebodys elses husband, somebody elses fiance. God is not messy.
God is not messy. He’s not gonna give you a man that belongs to somebody else.