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pay close attention to your vibes 6.18.15

Pay close attention to your vibes. Your energy is being targeted, especially today (June 18, 2015)

6/8/8 = the Master Number 22.

The news released some disturbing news (as usual) at "6" this morning for an incident that happened at 9pm Last Night. Why did they wait until now, today, at 6am to release the repot about it? (Think About It, if you have some overstanding in numerology, you see where this is going.)

Of course Facebook and other social conditioning sites is about to flooded with the regurgitation of the negative vibes intertwined with the power 4 energy incorporated with the number 22 today. Eye am not here on this post to speak about the incident. Eye am writing this post to advise many to be careful of your energy with these vampires. Attempt to feed the positive wolf not the negative wolf.

22 is a very powerful balanced number. 4x's that of its master number sibling 11. Negatives incorporated with this powerful number is:

To combat these negatives through the day, focus on doing things that tap into the positive attributes of 22 like practice mastering an aspect of yourself idealistically. Be pragmatic in your reasoning and thinking throughout through the day. Be creative, sketch on a pad with your free time, or construct something together out of raw simple materials at your work desk for fun if business becomes slow. And most of all, trust your intuitive gut, not the negative biased lil voice in your head you think is really you. Sorry for making this long, eye really wanted it to be shorter.


{Remember that where you choose to focus your energy will determine the outcome of your reality as well as others in the collective conscious grid.}

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