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necole bitchie interviews tamar braxton - fabulous!

I love Tamar! When I was first introduced to her, via Braxton Family Values, I found her to be brash and selfish. However, after further analysis, I came to love and appreciate Tamar for who she is, flaws and all. A woman who recognizes the error of her ways, at times, and takes strides to rectify the thinking and behavior.  We all have our own journeys, and at the end of the day, love is magical and incredibly powerful.

I love how she makes no apologies for being herself, and Tamar is a true talent. Congrats to her and her whole beautiful family. I wish them nothing but continued success. Check out the interview below and one of my favorite singles, The One. 

Tamar Braxton Cries While Talking About Abusive Past & Self-Esteem Issues


Tamar Braxton - The One