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message for the men


Message for the Men..... I do so many readings and when a man comes to me for a reading 99% of the time it's about a woman.... the man wants to know if he will be with a woman... in EVERY reading the man leaves out the fact that the woman has left him, moved out and have moved on..... but since its always the same I already know the info that he is keeping from me... lol See women try to save the relationship while they are still in it....men wait until the woman is damn near engaged to a new man before he wants to CHANGE lol so men..... Stop and think about it..... save your relationship while you are in it... because these ladies.... they come to me asking how to fix it before they decide to move on.... yall need to realize once a woman leaves your home... you gonna have to put in Triple work to get her back and face unknown punishments if she does return!!!! lol

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