Authenticity. Freedom. Opulent Exploration.


If someone in your circle doesn't want you to shine - and you're a star - that's a problem.

If that person is in your bed (which means they are in your mind and your emotions) AND controls your finances, the situation becomes terminal.

Said person is like a cancer and UNLESS demoted and excommunicated - sooner rather than later - their presence is toxic and will consume you and eventually take your precious, precious life.

Even those who have the best intentions for us, yet are operating out of fear, scarcity or lack, will inevitably wound us.

Abundance is our birthright. Existing in a state of prosperity, pleasure and bliss is our natural state of being. Our Creators want us to live the best life possible. We came here to do so. To bring our wildest dreams to reality. And the whole universe is conspiring to make it happen.

Remove anyone who does not believe so. Misery, negativity and pessimism are contagious.

We are divine. If you desire to do so, give yourself permission to stand in it. If you have already done so continue to walk in it. We are always protected.