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We have to stop having savior complexes. PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. Niggas are in human form and they fuck up too. All of us. Everytime we find out someone we thought was super human had flaws, sometimes MAJOR character defects, we get all surprised and start to lose faith in humanity that much more.

Take the good shit that resonates with your soul and leave the rest. Stop being devastated cause people are human and fucked up. I'm going to do a video about this soon (savior complexes). Cause its been on my heart and consciousness for a while now. I have declined tribes due to that group think, follow the leader, herd mentality shit. ‪#‎fukyotribe‬

Shit be so culty and niggas don't even see it cause everyone is looking for a "leader" see: savior and are terrified to THINK for themselves. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Your intuition was not given to you on accident. Listen to that shit..