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Don't be hard on yourself if you're going through hard times or dealing with things that don't make sense. There's a great shift that happens in people's lives when it's time for them to enter another phase of their journey. You might lose people you love, you might leave your job, you might even want to be alone to figure everything out. This is a great sign that something amazing is about to happen in your life. 

Trust the signs:

Life has a way of teaching us lessons. We might not even agree with what's happening, but that's just the way things are when new energy is about to enter your life. If you have been feeling at your core that you want to change, that you're just tired of the same old routine, then this is a major sign for you to be open to what's entering your life. We sometimes say we want change, but resist the process because it doesn't feel good at the beginning. Old habits and energy are being broken down to build something new. Don't shy away from the process. Embrace the signs. Explore it.

During the change:

When you start to get the signs, don't revert back to trying to keep life stuck in the old ways. Let the work happen in your life. If there's an inner urge to do something, do it. Start tuning into your spirit and your heart. Don't let the mind make you overthink and judge the process. Imagination and intuition will guide you further, the more you start to trust it. During this time, do everything you want that makes you feel good. This will help you connect back to your purpose. Sign of spirit operating in your life is when you are happy, peaceful, and feel inner contentment. You just know that you got this. Nothing can shake you, break you, or make you reactive in a negative way. You're maturing, developing, and growing spiritually. Open up a good book, go out into nature, write more, connect back with yourself. This is a magical time of transformation. Don't be scared, be curious!