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heka / magic / creation

Heka/Magic is what created the universe and also sustains it. Otherwise known has melanin/carbon the building block of life. 

The All (God) is mind, everything was created by thought. If you are keeping images in your head or saying words of negativity towards yourself, towards your relationships, towards your culture and then some will be all that will be returned will be more negative energy. 

It's a difference pointing out negative things TO WILL IT TO POSITIVE than just completely absorbing ones self into negative thought. 

Images play a big part in conducting magic, this is why Africans are only shown certain images, of thugs, strippers, killers, slaves, athletes and so on. 

There is a Black president who does not even speak directly to Africans at all but that's a matter of opinion. 

To conduct self work create the image you want, patience is needed and focus of intent and ones will. If you need a job tell yourself I AM going to find a job within a month. Now if your not applying to jobs creating the ritual to bring that to life then it may not happen, but happen for some one else. 

This goes for many of things. CONCENTRATED THOUGHT IZ POWER , this is why images are constantly sent to us to scatter our thoughts and a SELF that is always IN NEED OF WHAT IS PRESENTED.

I AM going to maintain my money wisely, I AM healthy, I AM going to be faithful to my love, I AM the destroyer of all negative behavior and thoughts. I AM going to get a home, I AM going to defeat any enemy in my path... I Just AM I know who I AM.. I AM GOD, the Supreme One, who has a myriad of mysterious names. I AM the GOD who depends on nothing but on whom all depends. I AM the GOD who made this creation and who dwells there for millions of millions of years. I know this! I AM one possessing the knowledge of the innermost truth - Text The Great Realization from the Pert M HRU

The Eye of Ra and The Eye of Heru  ~  Black Roots Science    

Awakened Melanated Supremeness