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bronzegoddess dropping more jewels

I love this woman. I found her "randomly," when I was watching loc videos on youtube. In the video I was watching she mentioned the name Bronze Goddess in regards to her locs. So I looked her up. And struck gold. See how the Universe drops gifts right into your lap? #DivineTiming

This particular video is one of my favorites. Although I can't relate to this specific situation, I can relate to the advice she is giving as far as valuing yourself and knowing your worth. There have been times in my life when I haven't held everyone to my highest standard and have relaxed my boundaries. Lesson learned. This video is entertaining yet truthful. Hope all my #singleladies and just women in general can get something uplifting and empowering from this video if they need it. Love you Bronze Goddess. Enjoy!

When you have sex with men, with no commitment, they don’t think they have to commit to you.
Why are you trying to do so much, to prove to this man who’s not even worthy, that you’re worthy of being in a relationship with. It reeks of desperation.
Why you lettin’ him touch you? He’s not even worthy to touch you.
Value yourself more.
You are worth so much more, than these crumbs, from this unworthy man.
I need you to know that. I don’t need you to think that you’re worthy. I need you to know that you’re worthy. Of a man who will respect you. A man who will not take advantage of your body and your time and all of this generosity. Use all this for somebody who’s actually worth it.