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Alpha Women: We Don't Need To Submit To Anyone, But Ourselves

I'm always confused by the deep-seated NEED of many alpha women to find a man to submit to. Not the actuality of seeking a relationship, but specifically seeking a relationship in which they are handing over their power.

The idea that a powerful woman must be tamed is something society conditions us to expect.

But what confuses me, as a man, is how they will go against their nature to seek these relationships.

I can't relate.

I also don't have to. (Male privilege)

And in my estimation and observation, these women will seek men they perceive to be more dominant, more aggressive, and more physically imposing than themselves.

But these men are generally uninterested because they know that they, and their power or perception of power, will be challenged.

If they do end up with these women, they often abuse them in the most sociopathic ways to assert dominance.

I see women who naturally carry power and authority...infantilizing themselves...to "get chose". And often, that still doesn't work. And when it "does", they aren't happy.

They most definitely are no SAFER.....

There is no power in submission. Equality is about compromise and sharing power, not speaking from the bottom.

There are no easy answers to navigate this dynamic, especially because of patriarchy and Abrahamic religion. Additionally, everyone has a right to have preferences.

Seeing this pains me deeply. Even as a child, I knew it was wrong to force a queen to bow.

May all of creation be free.

Siete Saudades