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This word from Coach Penny Love is GOLD. Once a woman understand this, it’s a complete game changer.

High value masculine guys are looking for high value feminine girls. ⠀

Next time you catch yourself complaining, where are the good guys!!!! ⠀
Ask yourself ⠀
Are you being the polar opposite? ⠀
Are you a high value feminine girl? ⠀

If you are thinking things like how can I get him to ask me out ⠀
Or how can I make him ask me for Saturday ⠀
Or how can I make him like me ⠀
Or what can I do or say so he asks me out already ⠀

Then, the chances are, you’re not. ⠀

You’re hunting, you’re in your masculine energy and you’re probably coming across as desperate so Mr right probably saw you and run as fast as he could. Or he’s probably thinking of ways on how can he bed you the fastest way so he can kick you out of his life immediately right after. ⠀

A feminine high value woman doesn’t make anyone do anything. ⠀
Doesn’t bother herself thinking how she can get him to ask her out, or ask her out xyz day. ⠀

It works the other way around. ⠀

It should be the guy masterminding how to get The girl to go out with him and how to get the girl for Saturday night, and breaking his neck to get there first. ⠀

Ladies, stop hunting, stop the hot pursuit, stop the chasing. ⠀

It doesn’t matter if you do all the rules right, say the right thing, wait long enough to send your text messages. ⠀

It is more important that you actually lean into your feminine energy, start focusing on yourself and build a rotation so that you begin to give off the right vibe. ⠀
Then the rules will be on your side. ⠀

But if your energy is off he’ll sense it right away and no amount of rules will be able to save you. ⠀

Save you from what? ⠀

Save you from your biggest enemy. ⠀

Yourselves. ⠀

Remember!!!! ⠀

You’re a creature unlike any other⠀
You’re worthy of a high value man ⠀
You’re a princess
You’re the prize ⠀
You’re beautiful ⠀
And any man would be lucky to have you!!! ⠀

Love Penny 💕⠀

Thank you Penny for this lovely word!


In this video Miss Pravala speaks about doing the work, the true, inner transformational work and being in alignment. This is a must watch for women who are serious about reaching their goddess potential. We must take full responsibility for our lives. #enjoy